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This FREE ebook is “based on and inspired by “ Frederic Laloux’s book, “Reinventing Organizations”.
With “Unleash your team’s natural potential”, my goal is to share what has inspired me and resonated with me as I read Frederic Laloux’s book.
Based on my own experience as a manager, I have identified and selected several topics discussed in the book, which I sought to explore further.
I am also extremely grateful to Frederic Laloux for his inspiring work.

if you have not yet purchased and read Frederic’s book, I hope that you will feel inspired to do so as you go through this ebook. And if you have already read Frederic’s book, I hope you will read this ebook as a continuation of what touched you when you read the book the first time !

This e-book is for all leaders and managers as well as individual contributors who seek to have a positive impact in their workplace by cultivating and developing values and behaviors that are ecological for themselves as well as for the people around them.
Through more ecological relationships, empowered organizations, purpose and bringing our whole at work.

You can simply download for free (no email required or sign-up) the ebook HERE (PDF)

Alternatively, you can download the Kindle book from Amazon at :





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