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Only a leader, who, as a human being, will make the conscious effort to evolve from a fear-based to a trust-based perspective and leadership, will have a profound and lasting impact on his teams, and on the business.

By first looking at a very interesting project recently led at and by Google, we then discuss why changing from a fear-based to a trust-based leadership can lead to an unprecedented level of team engagement, and as a result, business results. And finally, what we can do to foster trust-based leadership in our organization.


This e-book is for all leaders and managers as well as individual contributors who seek to have a positive impact in their workplace by cultivating and developing values and behaviors that are ecological for themselves as well as for the people around them.
Through more ecological relationships, empowered organizations, purpose and bringing our whole at work.

You can simply download for free (no email required or sign-up) the ebook HERE (PDF)

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