“The Ascending Organization” – Book

We seem to be increasingly disillusioned by our organizational life at work.

Why can work be even a source of suffering? If not suffering, disengagement? Why could the corporate world not be more a place of fulfillment? Expression? Creativity? Performance ?



Clearly, if we look at the corporate world today, we can only be saddened by the many issues we face in our organizational lives: lack of engagement, dis-empowerment, analysis paralysis and slow decision making, unproductive meetings, lack of accountability, lack of care when things go wrong, fear, alignment issues and politics, communication issues, …

Yet, they can be transformed by reinventing how we think about our corporate “fabric” (culture, decision making, processes, power distribution, mindset, behaviors, accountability level, engagement …).


There is a path towards a new paradigm which suggests that we all (leaders, managers and coworkers) can upgrade ourselves and our organizations.

Both upgrades go hand in hand, benefiting each other’s transformational processes, and leading to a more soulful and purpose-driven workplace. Unlocking the key to higher levels of performance, engagement and innovation.


This book is for all people inspired to step up to their full leadership potential, and make their workplace a more agile and innovative place.

Want to know more? Have a look at what is an Ascending Organization !

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Want to know more? Have a look at what is an Ascending Organization !


About the Author

Eric Marin has been working for more than 2 decades in the Information Technology industry and has held several global management and leadership positions. Graduated from an Executive MBA in France, he also trained himself in Nonviolent Communication at Work and certified as a Professional Coach and an Holacracy Practitioner.

In addition, his interest in Eastern philosophies and the human development potential led him to study various practices, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Meditation, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset …

Bringing together his passion for making our workplaces more soulful and his experience as a leader and people manager, Eric believes that business performance and personal development go hand in hand.