Self-Awareness is the new productivity

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You seek to express at work the real you, and yet, struggle with communicating with others and dealing with emotionally charged situations?

check-box 2You aspire to be a successful manager or leader, and yet, relationships with you colleagues and teams could be more fulfilling?

check-box 2You are a manager and/or leader, and are struggling to lead both with your head and your heart?

check-box 2You are in search of a greater life purpose, read books on personal growth, and yet find it very difficult to reconcile at work:

Personal aspirations and corporate culture
Authenticity and performance at work
Leadership and humanity

This blog and my books seek to address some the very important questions below :

  • What kind of leadership do we need to reach new levels of performance, which is ecological and sustainable for all parties?
  • What can we do to help others feel more motivated and engaged in what they do at work?
  • What new type of communication do we need to develop?
  • How can we contribute to our colleagues’ full potential development and growth?
  • What new type of organizations and governance can we put in place to facilitate our teams’ full expression?
  • How can we lead with both our head and our heart?

In my blog, you will find my perspective on leadership, management, non violent communication, mindfulness, team engagement and performance, more agile organizational structures and more.

Welcome and please leave your comments and share ideas and suggestions!

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