Who I am


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My name is Eric Marin. I have now worked for over 20 years in the Information Technology industry, and held several global management and leadership positions while also graduating from an Executive MBA. I currently work at a large multinational IT company.

More recently, and in parallel, I trained myself in Non Violent Communication, and also became a Professional Coach and a Certified Holacracy Practitioner.

I am the author of 2 books (and 2 ebooks):

Over the years, and through personal experience too, I came to realize how much our self-limiting beliefs and patterns, personal self-sabotage strategies and high tyrannical expectations of ourselves tend to separate us further from our full potential and from our inner life.
The lack of personal empowerment we have developed sadly creates several collateral damages in our lives. And at work in particular, consequences can be multiple : unauthentic relationships, strategies and responses developed in autopilot mode, low engagement, stifled creativity, unchallenged status-quo, untapped potential, insufficient innovation, …

Ecological Leadership

I strongly believe we need to take a more visionary approach to management and leadership:

  • What kind of leadership do we need to reach new levels of performance, which is ecological and sustainable for all parties?
  • What can we do to help others feel more motivated and engaged in what they do at work?
  • What new type of communication do we need to develop?
  • How can we contribute to our colleagues’ full potential development and growth?
  • What new type of organizations and governance can we put in place to facilitate our teams’ full expression?
  • How can we lead with both our head and our heart?

Let’s explore it together !